Decisions not issued until 4 PM

– Cairo Criminal Court has considered the imprisonment renewal of Gamal Abdel-Fattah, Hassan Hussein, and Ahmed Gamal Manaa in case No. 582 of 2018 State Security, but hasn’t come to a decision until now.

– State Security Prosecution is now considering the imprisonment renewal of Abeer al-Safty as well as the extension of precautionary measures against Asmaa Abdel-Hamid, accused in the case No. 718 of 2018. State Security, AKA “Protesting against metro price hikes”. The decision hasn’t yet been made.

– Cairo Criminal Court is presiding over the retrial of 13 defendants, accused in the case known in media as “Guidance Office incidents”, but hasn’t issued its decision yet.

– Cairo Criminal Court is presiding over the retrial of political activist Ahmed Douma in the case publicly known as “Cabinet incidents” case, and hasn’t made the decision yet.

Issued decisions:

– Cairo Urgent Matters Appeal Court adjourned the appeal against the non-jurisdiction of considering the lawsuit filed to revoke the licenses of the BBC office in Egypt, for the September 12 hearing; for review.

– The Military Court adjourned the trial of 292 defendants in the case known as “Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and the Saudi Crown Prince’s assassination attempt” for the August 1 hearing.

– The Military Court extended the sentencing hearing against 48 defendants in the “Church Bombing” case for the September 10 hearing,

– State Security Prosecution ordered the release of Fawzy Said Saleh pending case No. 718 of 2018 Sate Security, AKA “protest against the increase in metro tickets prices”, under the guarantee of his place of residence.

– State Security Prosecution ruled to extend the detention of Shady Al-Ghazaly for 15 days pending investigations in case No. 621 of 2018 State Security.

– Court of Cassation upheld the appeals lodged by 16 defendants against the verdicts they received into the case known in media as “US Embassy II”, and, accordingly, ordered their retrial before another circuit.

– Banha Criminal Court turned down the appeal filed by writer Mahmoud Ali against the 15- day imprisonment renewal order pending case No. 1959 of 2018 Khosos Administrative, and accordingly confirmed the issued decision.