Despite the presence of witnesses, security cameras and a shooting, without conducting an investigation, the communication was concluded in 8 days

Cairo: 12 November, 2019

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said today that it was astonished when its lawyers headed to Al-Basateen Prosecution asked when the investigation with ANHRI’s director, Gamal Eid, was due to take place with regards to the physical assault and theft incident, and found out that the prosecution had concluded the investigation without questioning him or taking his statements, without hearing the witnesses mentioned in the report, without reviewing the footage from the cameras, and even without caring about the firing of bullets or the presence of impostors pretending to be from the police and terrorizing citizens.

ANHRI expressed its dismay and condemnation that a report containing so many crimes that deserve a fair and transparent investigation was archived, and that the decision took only eight days as the report was filed on 11 October last, and was archived on 19 October!

It is regrettable that the archiving was carried out without any formal or fictitious action to imply that there is respect for the rule of law or for the rights of citizens, for which ANHRI is unable to find an interpretation other than the consolidation of impunity, and giving security gangs the green light to carry on with the horrific abuses against critics, dissidents and human rights defenders, along with cheap and vulgar defamation campaigns carried out by yellow journalism newspapers run by state agencies or close to them.

Gamal Eid, ANHRI’s director and the victim of an assault by a security gang, said: “We cannot criticize the public prosecution in order not to be prosecuted for allegedly insulting the judiciary. However, archiving a report containing allegations of assault, theft and shootings by five organized and professional individuals, without hearing my statements or hearing witnesses or reviewing footage from cameras that are supposed to have recorded the incident, is not only strange, but it is silence on a brutal crime committed against an Egyptian citizen, but because he is a critic and a dissident, the report was archived in such a quick and suspicious manner. We thank the Public Prosecutor for archiving the investigation that was never conducted in the first place, and for giving us more reasons to doubt the existence of the rule of law in Egypt or the existence of a justice we can trust. ”


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