Alexandrian lawyer, Mohamed Ramadan, who volunteered to defend the suppressed and oppressed, was arrested for wearing a yellow vest. Yes, you read it right. Ramadan is the lawyer of the underdogs, he was arrested several times for equally absurd accusations. Concurrently with the latest demonstrations in France, Ramadan published a photo of himself wearing a yellow vest in solidarity with the French demonstrators, on his Facebook account.

Ramadan was arrested on the 10th of December, after he attended, as an attorney, with activist Ayman Mondi. He disappeared for days then appeared before the prosecution to be accused of the following: joining a terrorist group and promoting its beliefs, publishing false news, acquiring leaflets and yellow vests to call for demonstrations against the regime imitating the demonstrations that took place in France. Such weird accusations were received by a weird reaction from the Bar Association, Alexandria branch, which was supposed to defend lawyer Mohamed Ramadan, but instead, the head of the Bar Association Alexandria branch stated clearly that the syndicate will not follow Ramadan’s case because “we love our country and care about its security”! On the other hand, the head of the main Bar Association, Sameh Ashour, assigned lawyer Ayman al Fouly to follow Ramadan’s case.

From his cell, Ramadan sent the following letter:

Mr. Mahmoud Al Amir head of the Bar Association Alexandria Branch,

You made a decision not to support me after my arrest with the justification that you do not defend ‘terrorists’. To be honest, I was not surprised. It is not an attitude that is against your policies since you took office in this post. You turned the bar association into a tool for the security apparatus. Yet, I would like to draw your attention that you still have a chance to liberate the bar association. The more the association is free the more you can save lawyers’ dignity. I would like to remind you that lawyers are at the forefront of the national movement throughout history. Their prominent figures believed that a lawyer has a message of justice, not just a job for making a living. We were a sword against tyranny. We were guards of the poor and the oppressed’s rights. The bar association was the caring mother of prominent national figures like Mostafa Kamel and Mostafa Al Baradei‏.

Mr. Head of the Bar Association,

If you read my case file you will find that the detective is confessing as follows: “The defendant always represents the revolutionaries as their attorney”. I am not a terrorist. I did not spill blood. Did not destroy. Did not loot. I did not sell my homeland. My crime is that I am a lawyer who dreams of freedom.

Mohamed Ramadan,

Lawyer at the high appeal court,

Cell no. 12

Ward no. 12

Borg Al Arab Prison.

Mohamed Ramada deserves to return back to his five-year-old daughter.

Mohamed Ramada is the lawyer of the oppressed and he deserves his freedom.