From The Coalition of the Youth of the Revolution, after the Jan 25th revolution, to joining Al-Dostour Party, attempting to establish the Free Consciousness Party and arrested, Shady el-Ghazali Harb remained in favor of the revolution, looking for a path.

Shady el-Ghazali Harb, who has been detained for 40 days, was a member of the Coalition of the Youth of the Revolution, a former leader of the Al-Dostour Party from which he resigned in October 2013, he earlier founded the Free Consciousness Party, and he is a British-educated surgeon.

He was arrested once in September 2010 for his participation in the campaign to nominate Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei to the presidency.

On May 15th, 2018, Harb spent a night in Dokki police station, after interrogating him at the Giza Prosecution Office pending communique No. 1697 of 2018 – Dokki Administrative.

The prosecution charged him with two charges: “insulting the president of the republic and spreading false news that would disturb social peace and public security.”

The prosecution ordered Harb’s release on bail of EGP 50,000, which he paid but was not allowed to leave.

The case in which he was released was based on a report from an anonymous lawyer, that included a number of tweets posted by Harb on Twitter commenting on the ruling of the Supreme Constitutional Court concerning the Tiran and Sanafir agreement, the allocation of 1000 km² in Sinai to the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and the new gas agreement between Egypt and the Israeli occupation authority.

After the payment of the bail, Harb was transferred to Dokki police station where the national security officer ordered to keep him until the next morning, when Shady was surprised by interrogating him in case No. 621 of 2018 Supreme State Security on charges of spreading false news that would affect the national security of the state, and joining a group established contrary to the provisions of the law and the Constitution.

It is noteworthy that that case includes other defendants, the most prominent of whom are Amal Fathy wife of the Executive Director of Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms, Shadi Abu Zeid, former editor of the Abla-Fahita TV show, in addition to Sherif al-Roubi and Mohamed Oxygen.