Decisions not issued until 4:00 PM

State Security Prosecution is considering the detention renewal of Abeer Al-Safti, Karim Hussein Rabea and Fawzi Saeid Saleh in case No. 718 of 2018 State Security, which is known as the “protest against the increase in subway prices” case. The decision has not yet been made.

Issued Decisions:   

– Yesterday night, the State Security Prosecution decided to renew the detention of Hatem Mahmoud for 15 days pending investigations in case No. 718 of 2018 State Security, AKA the “protest against the increase in the prices of metro tickets”.

–  The State Security Prosecution ordered, yesterday evening, the imprisonment renewal of Mohamed Rafaat Al-Sayed for 15 days pending probe in the case No. 434 of 2018 State Security.

– Al-Khosoos Prosecution ruled, yesterday, to renew the imprisonment of Mahmoud Imam for 15 days pending investigations into the communiqué No. 1959 of 2018 (Al-Khosose Administrative), in which he is charged with joining a terrorist group and spreading false news and data.

– Yesterday, the state Security Prosecution renewed the detention of Youssef Ahmed and Hatem Bastawy for 15 days pending the investigations conducted with them over case No. 718 of 2018 State Security.

– The Court of Cassation decided to adjourn the appeal filed by 135 defendants against the prison and death sentences they received into the case known in media as “Kerdasa police station massacre” to the hearing of 24 September; for further consultation of judges.

– The Court of Administrative Justice, postponed two lawsuits lodged by a number of Al-Warraq Island inhabitants, demanding the annulment of the Prime Minister’s decision No. 20 of 2018 to establish a new urban community in the island, to the hearing of 25 August; to review the case documents.

– The Administrative Justice Court also decided to adjourn the lawsuit lodged by Sara Khairat al-Shater, daughter of the deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group, demanding to revoke the travel ban issued against her by the Minister of the Interior, to the hearing of 17 November.

– The Court of Administrative Justice adjourned the case (No. 32874 of the year 72 Administrative) that was filed by Samir Ibrahim Musa, for being the natural guardian of his minor Abdel-Rahman Samir, calling on the interior minister to disclose the whereabouts of his son, who was arrested on the 5th of September 2017.

– The Giza Criminal Court ordered the release of journalist Adel Saby, the editor in chief of “Masr al-Arabia” news website, on bail of EGP 10,000, into the case No. 4861 of 2018 Dokki Misdemeanors.

– The Cairo Criminal Court decided to adjourn the trial of Al-Moqattam police station’s investigator assistant and officer, who is accused of bringing the death of youth “Afrotto”, to the hearing of 11 August; so that the Tripartite Commission on Forensic Medicine could review the case.

– The Court of Administrative Justice decided to adjourn the case filed by the sons of the deposed president Mohammed Morsi to be able to visit their father at Tora Prison, to the hearing of 10 September; upon the request of the defense.

– The Military Court decided to postpone the trial of 304 defendants in case No. 64 of 2017 (Military North Cairo Criminal), which is publicly known as the “assassination attempt of the Assistant Attorney General”, to  the hearing of 16 July to continue hearing the witnesses.

– The Court of Cassation turned down the appeal filed by 8 defendants in the case known in media as “Suez terrorist cell”, and upheld, in turn, the verdict issued against them.