Decisions not reached until 4 PM:

– Cairo Criminal Court is presiding over the retrial of 13 defendants accused in the case known in the media as the Guidance Office incidents. The decision has not yet been made.

Issued Decisions:

– Yesterday, The Military Court adjourned the trial of 292 defendants in the “Assassination attempt of Sisi and the Saudi Crown Prince” case for the July 11 hearing.

The Supreme State Security Prosecution yesterday renewed the detention of blogger Wael Abbas, journalist Shorouk Amgad and photojournalist Mohammed Abu Zeid in case No. 441 of 2018 State Security for 15 days pending investigations.

– Giza Criminal Court decided yesterday to renew the detention of journalist Islam Gheit for 45 days pending investigations in case No. 977 of 2017 State Security.

– Cairo Criminal Court sentenced 14 defendants to life imprisonment, and 6 defendants to 15 years rigorous imprisonment and one defendant to 10 years rigorous imprisonment in the case known as the specific committees case.

– The Court of Cassation accepted appeal filed by 37 defendants on their sentences in the case known in the media as “Breaking into Tebeen Police Station” and ordered their retrial.

– Cairo Appellate Misdemeanors Court adjourned the appeal filed against the non-jurisdiction ruling of the urgent matters judiciary in the lawsuit to exclude Judge Yahya al-Dakrouri from the presidency of the State Council and the membership of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank for the 4 October hearing.

– The Court of Cassation decided to release poet Al-Baraa Hassan with the guarantee of his place of residence pending investigations in case No. 8703 of 2018 Kasr El Nile Misdemeanors, concerning the radi on the library of the Arab Network for Research and Publishing.

– Giza Criminal Court decided to adjourn the retrial procedure of 33 defendants in the Al-Fath Mosque incidents case for the June 16 session.

– The Committee of Commissioners of the Administrative Court adjourned the lawsuit filed for the suspension of activities, revocation of accreditation and shutting down of some human rights organizations who signed a statement opposing the nomination of Moushira Khattab for head of UNESCO for the 4 October hearing