Issued decisions

– Cairo Criminal Court’s 5th terrorism circuit adjourned the retrial procedures of 11 defendants in the case known in the media as “The third January Revolution” for the hearing convened on 8 January 2022 for pleadings.

– Port Said Criminal Court adjourned the retrial of 17 defendants affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood group in the case known in the media as “Al-Arab Police Station incidents” to proceed with the pleadings.

– The fourth terrorism circuit sentenced one defendant to 5 years in high-security prison and one other accused to three years in prison in the case known in the media as “Ain Shams incidents”.

– The Emergency Supreme State Security Criminal Court set the retrial of one defendant who was previously convicted in absentia in the case known in the media as “ISIS- Badrshin” for adjudication at the hearing of 14 February 2022.

– The South Cairo Prosecution referred businessman Hassan Rateb, Alaa Hassanein and the rest of the defendant to the Criminal Court in the case known in the media as the “Grand Antiquities”.

Decisions not issued

–          The Fourth Terrorism Circuit at the criminal court, convened at the Police Cadets Institute the Tora Prisons Complex, considered the detention renewal of 432 defendants in cases investigated by the Supreme State Security Prosecution in Cases No. 975 of 2020 and 930 of 2019, which involves human rights lawyer and former parliamentarian Zyiad Al-Alimi and journalists Hisham Fouad and Hossam Moanes, 915 of 2021, 865 of 2020, which includes businessman Safwan Thabet and his son, 855 of 2020, which involves activist Sameh Seoudi and blogger Mohammed Oxygen, 812 of 2020, 800 of 2019, 680 of 2020, 580 of 2020, 483 of 2021, 470 f 2019, 441 of 2018, 238 of 2021, 1781 of 2019, 1530 of 2019, 1450 of 2019, 1269 of 2019, 1175 of 2018, 1226 of 2020, 1106 of 2021, which involves photojournalist Sayed Abd Allah, 1017 of 2020 .