-The first terrorism circuit at the Supreme State Security Criminal Court sentenced one defendant to 7 years in high-security prison and placed him under police surveillance for a period of 5 years into his retrial in the case known in the media as “Boulaq Dakrur explosives”.
– Cairo Criminal Court’s 1st terrorism circuit sentenced two defendants to 15 years in prison, 6 others to 10 years in high-security prison, and one defendant to 5 years, while it ordered the acquittal of one defendant and the closure of the lawsuit due to the death of a defendant in the case known in the media as “Murabeiton II”.
– Cairo Criminal Court’s 1st circuit adjourned the trial of 22 defendants affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood group in the Case No. 840 of 2019 State Security, registered under No. 777 of 2020 State Security, for the hearing of 7 November to proceed with the pleadings.