The Labor and Social Protests Monitoring Center is releasing its newsletter covering the period from the first of May, which marks Labor Day, to 16 May 2021. Despite the advent of the Holy Month of Ramadan, the first half of May witnessed 10 protests seven of which are social while three are labor.


Details of labor and professional protests: 

Kind of protests  Number of protests The protesting sector  The geographical region Details of the protest 
collective complaint 1 Press and Media Sector Giza / Ministry of Antiquities A group of journalists filed a complaint against the Minister of Antiquities after the minister’s guard attacked a journalist
Collective complaint 1 Irregular employment Cairo / Ministry of Social Solidarity Hundreds of citizens filed a complaint denouncing the non-disbursement of irregular employment grant payments
Complaint to the competent authorities 1 Dairy and soft drink (soda) companies Giza / Juhayna Company for Food and Dairy Products Juhayna Food Industries, the largest producer of milk and bottled juices in Egypt, sent complaints to official authorities about traffic measures that it described as “incomprehensible and unjustified”,  which included the withdrawal of the licenses of a number of  cargo trucks threatening to cause losses


Details of Social protests 

Kind of protests  Number of protests The protesting sector  The geographical region Details of the protest 
Gathering 1 Pensioners sector Ismailia / Abu Soueir Post Center Pensioners gathered in front of the “Abu Soueir” post office in Ismailia governorate protesting the lack of enough waiting places for citizens
Gathering 1 residential neighborhoods Maghagha General Hospital / Minya Residents gathered in front of Maghagha Hospital after workers drowned in a sewage plant
Collective complaint 1 residential neighborhoods Nag Jarrar / Qena A collective complaint by the people of (Naga Dirar), Qena to protest insecurity along the road
Suicide 1 residential neighborhoods Bahr Youssef / Fayoum A father committed suicide because he couldn’t afford to provide “Eidia” (a gift of money given in Eid/ feast to younger relatives or friends) for his children.
Suicide 1 residential neighborhoods Ebshway / Fayoum A housewife committed suicide due to debt accumulation
Collective complaint 1 residential neighborhoods New Cairo / Cairo A collective complaint filed by residents of New Cairo in the buildings affiliated to “Al-Sherka Al-Arabyia” Company due to the presence of workshops, crafts and industrial facilities which turns the region to a slum area