The Labor and Social Movements Monitoring Center has documented 14 protests that took place during the period from 15 to 28 February 2021. These protests are divided into: 8 social protests and 6 labor protests.

The reporting period also witnessed putting forward new draft bills that increase the burden placed on citizens, such as the new “Real Estate Registration law” planned to be legislated, which prevents providing any service to any real estate except after registration in the Real Estate Registry.


First: Labor protests 

Governorate Type of protest Details of protest
10th of Ramadan- Al-Sahrqyia A complaint with the Labor Office New Najeh Furniture Company’s administration arbitrarily dismisses 10 workers
Cairo- Madinat El Salam (Salam City) Strike GlaxoSmithKline announces shutdown of its factory in El-Salam City due to workers’ strike
Cairo- Journalists Syndicate Resorting to the judiciary Journalists file a lawsuit to convene the general assembly, and the administrative judiciary rules that it has no jurisdiction
Kafr Al-Sheikh- Bella Partial Court Sit-in Dozens of lawyers staged a sit-in in Kafr El-Sheikh courts to protest against the assault committed by a police low-ranking officer against the head of the Partial Bella Lawyers Syndicate
Menoufia- Menouf Strike The strike of the drivers of the Sars Al-Layyan line – Menouf protesting the increase in the traffic fees
Cairo- Doctors Syndicate Resorting to the judiciary More than 34 lawsuits filed  before the Court of Administrative Justice demanding that the deceased doctors and nurses died of the Coronavirus be considered martyrs

Labor protests per governorate (Cairo: 3 + Sharqia: 1 + Kafr El Sheikh: 1 + Menoufia: 1) = 6 labor protests.


Second: Social protests 

Governorate Kind of protest Details of protest
Gharbyia-Tanta Collective Complaint Shouni village’s residents demanding that the Gharbyia governor transfer the market outside the residential block
Beheira Suicide A person committed suicide because of not meeting his children’s requirements
Gharbyia-Tanta Gathering Hundreds of students gathered in front of an educational center in Tanta to protest its closure
Giza Suicide A wall painter committed suicide for affording to pay the installments for his apartment in Giza
Daqahlyia Hunger Strike Political activist and the April 6 Movement founder Mohamed Adel announced his hunger strike, after being assaulted by the head of North Mansoura Prosecution during his detention renewal session pending Case No. 4118 of 2018
Menoufia- Sadat Suicide A person committed suicide by hanging himself inside his residence in Sadat City, after passing through financial hardship as a result of his accumulated debt
Cairo Collective Complaints Collective complaints filed by students complaining the difficulty of accessing the electronic exam platform.
Giza- Souq El-Bouhi Resorting to the judiciary Owners of market stalls filed a lawsuit before the Court of Administrative Justice demanding to halt the implementation of the negative decision to refrain from implementing the contracts of the right to usufruct.

Social protests per governorate (Gharbyia: 2 + Giza: 2 + Beheira: 1 + Menoufia: 1 + Daqahlyia: 1 + Cairo: 1) = 8 social protests.


Third: Labor Protest Sectors:

The protesting sector Number of protests
Workers in the textile sector 1
Private sector employees 1
Workers in the press and media sector 1
Lawyers sector 1
Workers in the Transport and Communications sector 1
Health sector workers 1

Fourth: Social Protest Sectors:

The protesting sector Number of protests
Residential neighborhoods sector 5
Student sector 2
Prisoners sector 1