The Labor and Social Movements Monitoring Center has documented 15 protests that took place during the first half of February 2021. These protests are divided into: 9 social protests and 6 labor protests.

The reporting period witnessed the demolishing of many of Cairo’s historical landmarks on the pretext of development.

The forms of protests varied as they include (strike, sit-ins, signature campaigns, and protest vigils), as follows:

The details of labor protests can be summed up as follows:


Governorate Type of protest Governorate
Cairo Collective complaint Siegwart company‎’s workers complaining about the company’s administration’s non-disbursement of profit
Cairo-Helwan Sit-in Iron and Steel workers continue their sit-in protesting against the decision to sell and liquidate the factory
Alexandria A complaint with the Labor Office Alexandria Spinning Company workers filed complaints against the company’s administration to reject their dismissal from work
Cairo Signature campaign Abassyia Hospital doctors protesting against the decision to sell the hospital’s land for investment
Kafr Al-Sheikh Collective complaints The Bar Association branch of Kafr El Sheikh protesting the decision to freeze the association’s funds in banks
Cairo Boycotting elections Lawyers Syndicate members boycotting the syndicate’s sub-elections after it was decided to hold the elections in facilities other than courts


The details of social protests can be summed up as follows:


Governorate Kind of protest Details of protest
Minya Suicide A baker committing suicide in Minya due to the accumulation of debts
Giza Strike Swimming coaches staging a strike in Zamalek club for the non-disbursement of their late dues
Red Sea Sit-in A protest vigil applicants to purchase housing units/ chalets at Coronado village protesting against “Shades” company
Cairo Collective Complaints A collective complaint filed by the “local administration” deputies against the minister with regard to the garbage issue
Cairo Collective Complaints The Society of Egyptian Architects collecting signatures regarding the Basilica
Cairo Blocking off roads A group of people blocking the highway in memory of the martyrs of the Port Said massacre
Menoufia- Shebin Al-Kom Gathering Dozens gathered in front of Al-Ramad Hospital in Shebin El-Kom protesting against the closure of the hospital
Menoufia- Tala Collective Complaints Residents of Sheikh Shehata village in Tala Center complaining about the lack of services and facilities in the village
Giza- Tersa Collective Complaints Tersa residents are protesting against the governor’s policy of demolishing licensed homes


The labor protesting sectors:


The sector of those working in the     business Sector topped the labor protesting sectors list with 3 protests, followed by Lawyers Sector with 2 protests, then by the Health Sector with one protest.


The social protesting sectors: 

The Residents and Residential neighborhoods Sector topped the social protesting sectors list with 6 protests, followed by the Sports Sector with only 2 protests, and then by the Health Sector with one protest.

The geographical distribution of labor protests:


Governorate Number of protests
Cairo 4
Alexandria 1
Kafr al-Sheikh 1


The geographical distribution of social protests:


Governorate Number of protests
Cairo 3
Giza 2
Menoufia 2
Minya 1
Red Sea 1