f you ever passed by one of “Tagamoo” party headquarters in Moassassa square in Shubra al Kheima district, then certainly you must have heard a strong voice singing a famous Egyptian song for detainees. Such a voice gives you the impression that it comes from a man who never gave up on his revolutionary socialist principles. A man who combines strength and persuasion. He is Ayman Abdul Moati, the researcher, proof editor, and director of distribution at “Al Maraya” publishing house.
As a resident of a labor neighborhood, it is clear from where he gets his strength when he defends labor rights.

Abdul Moati devoted all his efforts and time to being in the forefront of labor strifes. He was involved in politics since he was in high school. He owned nothing but a huge library.

While he was handcuffed in a police vehicle, Ayman, a member of the People Socialist Association Party, never stopped encouraging everybody else, he was waving to his wife, showing strength. Zeinab Mostafa, his wife, said that she felt safe when she saw him for a couple of minutes inside the police vehicle. He knows that he didn’t commit a crime.
For years, Ayman Abdul Moati diminished his political activities, concentrating his efforts on the publishing house. His arrest from his workplace, listing him in case no. 621 and accusing him of joining a terrorist group came as a shock to everyone.
Hesham Fouad, a journalist, wrote on his Facebook account: “Ayman spent a long time shying away from spotlights until the 25th of January revolution. Simple, hard-working, but sharp like a sword when it comes to his beliefs. I am sure Ayman will overcome this crisis and go back to his wife and newborn child … a part of me behind bars… freedom to detainees”.
His colleague in “Al Maraya” publishing house, Dina Kabil, wrote: “We are sorry my friend, Ayman was literary taken from us, we were not able to save him, before the revolution, we used to gather on the staircase of the Journalists Syndicate to protest against any arbitrary procedure or detention in opinion cases, now we have nothing to do, every movement is criminalized… it is like to be detained or to be detained”.
“Ayman himself, like us, could not have been able to do anything or join any activity, not to mention a terrorist group”.

“Those who were close to Ayman know that he dedicated all his time to work, he had no room for joining any secretive or underground political activism of any kind. Struggling in life for his family, everyday life responsibilities and his work as a sales and advertising director in “Al Maraya” publishing house. He is totally devoted to his work. It is true that he is a Marxist, but now it is nothing more than a belief, he may offer a book to a person who asks, but will never attempt to impose his beliefs on others. Ayman’s arrest shows that people are being punished for their intentions, not their deeds. It is “cash in advance” even without committing any violations.
May our hearts and sincere prayers be with you, my friend… There is nothing more we can do.