Stop Khashokshgi’s murderers impunity،، Boycott Saudi’s products and bring justice to Khashokshgi

3 April, 2019

Cairo, April 3, 2019

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information stated today, that the impunity of the criminals who murdered journalist Jamal Khashokgi, after six months of committing their crime, asserts that Saudis are trying to merchandise justice through their money and oil. A number of governments and institutions, including US, Turkey, Egypt and Arab League are compromising justice. The Arabic Network, therefore, wonders if these countries and institutions would have condoned such a crime if the murderers belonged to another country which does not as wealthy as Saudi Arabia?

The Arabic Network states that it is not an ordinary crime resulted from a quarrel or an accident. As a matter of fact, we are facing a deliberate, brutal, cold blooded crime that was executed by those who were totally confident that they will never be held for accountability. Under the evasiveness of the US president, the support of the Egyptian president and the Machiavellian attitude of the Turkish president, not to mention the Arab League covering up for the crime, justice is compromised in a way that is rejected by any journalist who respects his/her humanity and values worldwide.

Since Khashokgi was murdered in the Saudi Consulate at Istanbul, on the second of October 2018, Saudi lies and misleading statements and finally Saudis admitting committing the crime, then, promoting rumors that Khashokgi’s sons accepted what is so called “Diya” (an amount of money paid by the murderer to the family of the victim in Sharia law), adding to this, Erdogan’s attitude, as he uncovers evidence part by part, as if he is blackmailing Saudi Arabia, along with the well known hostility of Erdogan against journalists. All this along with the shameful stance of the Arab League and the Egyptian President which supports the Saudi regime and Prince Mohamed Bin Salman, who is accused of murder, as for the previous, every person who is concerned with justice should declare that protecting murderers will not take place with our assent.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, calls for every Egyptian and Arab, but, for every human, to stop impunity policies and merchandising justice. We summon all human rights organizations worldwide to call for boycotting Saudi products in their countries, to encourage laymen to play a different role other than their governments which cover up for murderers and for journalists and international and Arab NGOs to participate in this boycott campaign, along with each citizen who aims at applying justice. We all have to put pressure through boycotting Saudi products, companies, hotels and others. Every journalist and NGO can encourage this campaign.

Let us announce it for all condoning governments that justice is not for sale.

We call for an international investigative team and trial.