She is a slim young woman. Everybody knows her as “Gentle Nermin”.

Nermin Hussein is one of the girls who sympathized with April 6th Movement, a movement which is now banned by the Egyptian regime under accusations of terrorism. Nermin participated in the 25th January revolution.

She was well known in Tahrir square, actually, she was called “the girl who never goes home”.

The state media tried to shame Nermin by describing her as the daughter of the grocer. As a matter of fact, Nermin never denied that she comes from a simple family. On the contrary, she was proud of her simple honorable poor father who was able to bring her up, educate her and teach her ethics and values.

Nermin herself said that she used to carry goods on top of her head to transfer them to her father’s store. Unfortunately, her parents both fell ill with an illness that left them wheelchair-bound. Eventually, Nermin became the responsible person in the house, she replaced her father in all his responsibilities, or as the Egyptian saying goes “She became the man of the house”.

As Nermin came from a simple family, she participated in the revolution calling for the rights of simple people to lead a good life. She also participated in protests against ousted president Mohamed Morsi, after she found out that she was living a big lie, as the goals of the revolution were not achieved.

After the regime waivered the two islands of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia, Nermin took to the streets, along with only two female friends: Nancy Kamal and Shaimaa Abdul Aziz, carrying banners with: “Tiran and Sanafir are Egyptian lands” written on them. Actually, the two islands are Egyptian, according to the verdict of the Supreme Administrative Court and according to the people’s will. Yet the regime ignored all this and relinquished the two islands. Moreover, on April 10, 2016, Nermin and her two friends were arrested.

Subsequently, the 3 were released, but Nermin got arrested again in August 2018, in the case known as “Eid detainees”. Among those arrested: ambassador Maassoum Marzouq, Dr. Yahya Kazzaz, Dr. Abdul Fattah Said Al Bana, Amr Mohamed, Sameh Seuodi, and the only female among them: Nermin Hussein who was arrested from her house.

Since August 2018 till now, this young woman is confined in a solitary cell. Her family is not allowed to visit her except for 5 minutes. She suffers bad conditions inside her cell. As if the strong state fears a tender slim young woman.

What are the accusations against Nermin Hussein and the other detainees?

The detainees are facing the following charges: colluding with a terrorist group to achieve its goals. Receiving funds for terrorist aims. Participating in a criminal agreement to commit a terrorist act. Except for Amr Mohamed who is accused of joining a terrorist group, receiving funds and participating in a criminal agreement.

Each session, the prosecution renews Nermin’s detention and she returns to her solitary confinement cell.

Nermin did not commit a crime . She was arrested from her house while taking care of her ill parents. We demand that Nermin gets back to her parents today not tomorrow.