Decisions not issued until 4 PM

– The Supreme State Security Prosecution is considering the imprisonment renewal of photojournalist Abdel-Rahman al-Ansari into the case No. 441 of 2018 State Security, and hasn’t reached to a decision yet.

– The Supreme State Security Prosecution is considering the detention renewal of Mohamed Khaled Yassin in case No. 621 of 2018 State Security. The decision has not yet been made.

– State Security Prosecution is also considering the detention renewal of Essam Abdel-Raa’ouf in case No. 585 of 2018 State Security, but hasn’t made its decision until now.

Issued Decisions

– Cairo Criminal Court decided, yesterday, to refer the papers of 75 defendants, accused in Rabea sit-in dispersal case, to Egypt’s Grand Mufti for his opinion over the death sentences meted out against them, and set the date for the announcement of its verdict on September 8 hearing.

– Cairo Criminal Court adjourned, yesterday, the trial of the Salafi accused of slaughtering a doctor in his clinic for the August 7 hearing, for the defense pleading.

– The Military Court, yesterday, extended the sentencing hearing of poet Galal al-Beheiri, who is charged with insulting the military establishment against the backdrop of publishing a collection of poems dubbed “The best women on earth”, for the July 31 hearing.

– The Supreme State Security Prosecution ordered, yesterday night, the imprisonment renewal of Sherif al-Roubi and blogger Mohamed Oxygen for 15 days pending investigations conducted with them in case No. 621 of 2018 State Security.

-Yesterday evening, State Security Prosecution ruled to extend the incarceration of human rights lawyer Haytham Mohamaden into the case No. 718 of 2018 State Security, AKA “Protest against metro price hikes”, for the July 30 hearing.

– Minya Criminal Court decided to refer the case files of an accused in the case publicly known as “El-Edwa violence incidents” and set the hearing of September 23 to announce the verdict against the rest of the defendants.

– Cairo Criminal Court ruled to extend the sentencing hearing against 9 defendants in the case known as “Al-Bahr Al-Aazam” to the August 12 hearing.

– Cairo Criminal Court also sentenced a defendant to life in jail and three others of rigorous imprisonment over the case known in media as “killing a conscript at Mohamed Mahmoud Street”.

– Cairo Criminal Court adjourned the sentencing hearing of the retrial procedure of one defendant in the case known as “Setting fire to al-Moneeb police station” for the August 26 hearing.

– The Court of Administrative Justice postponed the lawsuit filed to oblige the Ministry of Social Solidarity to provide insurance for the self-employed persons, including lawyers, to the hearing of October 14.

– The Military Court adjourned the announcement of the verdict against three defendants in the case known as “Storming the National Security headquarters” for the July 31 hearing.