Issued decisions

– The Masr Qadeima Emergency State Security Misdemeanors Court sentenced former human rights lawyer and parliamentarian Zyiad El-Elimi to 5 years in prison with labor and the two journalists Hisham Fouad and Hossam Moanis to four years in prison with labor and a fine of 500 EGP each, on charges of spreading false news in the case No. 957 of 2021, in connection with case. No. 930 of 2019 Supreme State Security that is known in the media as the “Hope Coalition”.

– The appeals judge at North Cairo Court renewed the detention of citizen Khaled Atef, client of the Arabic Network for Human Rights information, for 15 days pending Case No. 4538 of 2021 Shorabyia Misdemeanor.

– The first terrorism circuit at Cairo Criminal Court set the trial of Mahmoud Ezzat in the case known in the media as “breaching the Eastern borders” for adjudication at the hearing of 21 February.