The Labor and Social Movements Monitoring Center has documented 17 protests that took place during the first half of March 2021. These protests are divided into: 12 social protests and 5 labor protests.

The protests took place during the reporting period varied as they included: collective complaints, strikes, suicide cases, gathering, sit-ins, and trade union movement.

It has been noted that social protests have been on the rise; as they spontaneously took place at different places under no organizational, political or partisan coordination.

This is in addition to the resurgence of the suicide phenomenon, with the reporting period witnessing 4 cases of suicide or attempted suicide


First: Labor protests 

Governorate Type of protest Details of protest
Alexandria Strike Workers of the Alexandria Spinning & Weaving Company went on a strike to show solidarity with the dismissed colleagues/ coworkers.
Banha-Qalyubia Sit-in Banha lawyers staged a sit-in at the courts complex to protest against the court guards’ assault on one of their colleagues.
Cairo-Journalists Syndicate Union movement A lawsuit demanding to hold the Journalists Syndicate’s elections in large tents outside the syndicate’s premises on Abdel Khaleq Tharwat Street.
Cairo- Ministry of Education Collective complaint Service classes’ teachers appealed to Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education to pay them their financial dues.
Cairo-Helwan A lawsuit against the liquidation of the Egyptian Iron and Steel Company Last Thursday, Cairo Economic Court of Appeal adjourned the consideration of the lawsuit demanding to cancel the decision to liquidate the Egyptian Iron and Steel Company established by the engineer Ashraf Helmy Ramdan.

Labor protests per governorate (Cairo: 3 protests + Alexandria: 1+ Qalyubia: 1) = 5 labor protests.


Second: Social protests 

Governorate Type of protest Details of protest
Port Said Reports/ records and collective complaints Collective reports/records  filed by the students who were unable to take the exam in Port Said governorate
Dakahlia Briefing requests MP Ahmed El-Sharkawy requested a briefing from the ministers of local development and transportation regarding the expected demolition of gardens in the city of Mansoura within the framework of Long Live Egypt –Mansoura Project.
Gharbyia suicide A young man, in his fourth decade of life committed suicide after passing through a financial distress.
The Red Sea suicide A person committed suicide for not finding a job
Dakahlia suicide A person committed suicide for not being able to get married.
Cairo suicide A person committed suicide by throwing himself from the ninth floor after passing through bad psychological and financial distress and for having many quarrels with his wife.
Qena strike A third-class football team went on a strike protesting the non-disbursement of their dues
Bani Sweif strike Beni Suef Sporting Club players went on a training strike for the non-disbursement of their
Aswan Gathering People of Nasr al-Nuba gathered to protest the killing of a driver who had been used by police in raids against militants
Cairo Parliamentary protest An Egyptian MP submitted an urgent statement denouncing that fact that 43 Egyptians are being subjected to a major crisis in Iraq
Beheira Resorting to justice/court Aggrieved persons who are negatively affected by Mahmudiyah axis submitted lawsuits
Cairo Resorting to justice/court Legal experts filed a lawsuit against the demolition of the Champollion Palace


Social protests per governorate:

Governorate Number of protests
Cairo 3
Dakahlia 2
Gharbyia 1
Beheira 1
Aswan 1
Bani Sweif 1
Qena 1
Port Said 1
The Red Sea 1


Third: The distribution of the protesting labor sectors

The protesting sector Number of protests
Workers 2
Lawyers sector 1
Journalism and media sector 1
Business sector 1


Fourth: The distribution of the protesting social sectors


The protesting sector Number of protests
Residents and residential neighborhoods sector 7
Sports sector 2
Student sector 1
Refugees and foreign communities sector 1
People’s Assembly and Senate sector 2
Journalism and media sector 1