Today’s Harvest Tuesday, 16 June 2020

16 June, 2020

Issued decisions 

– The State Security Prosecution ordered, yesterday, the release of the following defendants:

1- Hossam Ihab

2- Abdel-Hamid Mannaa

3- Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Hosni

4- Mohamed Ismail Al-Sawy

The defendants have been ordered to be released under the guarantee of their place of residence pending probe into the Case No. 770 of 2019 State Security, known as “reviving Ultras Ahlawi”.

– The State Security Prosecution decided, yesterday, to hold journalist Mohamed Monir in detention for 15 days pending investigation into the Case No. 535 of 2020 State Security.

– Cairo Criminal Court sentenced the deputy head of Bolaa Abo El-Ela Municipality to life imprisonment over forgery charges.

– Cairo Criminal Court decided, yesterday, to renew the detention of the following defendants:

* Ayman Mohamed Ebeid Al-Roteil pending the Case No. 1739 of 2018, Ahmed Zeinhom Mohamed, Rashad Kamal, and journalist Sayed Mohamed Abdellah pending the Case No. 1338 of 2019.

* Journalists Ahmed Shaker and Khaled Daoud, and student Ahmed Eid pending the Case No. 488 of 2019

* Mohamed Mahmoud Ezzat pending the Case No. 441 of 2018, Rania Mahmoud Mohamed and Abdel-Hamid Hamdy pending the Case No. 741 of 2019 State Security.

– Cairo Criminal Court’s 1st circuit decided, yesterday, to renew the precautionary measure issued against Moa’min Ahmed Roshdi for 45 days pending the Case No. 1091 of 2020 Azbakyia Misdemeanor.