Cairo: 10 September 2019

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said today that the Public Prosecutor should immediately investigate the violations and crimes committed by the National Security Agency, which undermine not only the freedoms of citizens but also judicial release orders issued for citizens, with the continuation of their detention. The latest example is the case of citizen “Khaled Atef Mohammed Ali” who has been ordered to be released and whose bail has been paid since last July, but in spite of that he hasn’t been released yet.

Khaled Atef, 24, who works for a food processing company, had been forcibly disappeared for two months- since last May- before he appeared at the end of July at Helwan Prosecution as a defendant being accused of joining a terrorist group. However, after interrogating him, he was granted release on 10,000 LE bail, and the appeal submitted by the Prosecution against his release was also rejected on 27 July making the decision compulsory and must be carried out. Nevertheless, Helwan Police Station refused to implement the judicial release order awaiting the so-called National Security’s signal or approval.

Having a delay in the National Security’s approval, which has become above court orders, Khaled’s family began visiting him and sending him food being an illegal detainee held at Helwan police station. After spending a whole month in illegal detention, Helwan police department informed Khaled’s family that the National Security had taken their relative and that he is no longer in their custody!

Consequently, ANHRI and its lawyers filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor on the 5th of September carrying No. 11727 of 2019, in addition to sending telegrams to the Attorney General, but to no avail.

ANHRI said: “Citizens’ freedoms and respect for the law shall be a priority and shouldn’t be tampered with. The Public Prosecutor shall order the opening of an urgent and public investigation into the matter. Those who violate the law, undermine judicial orders and curb citizens’ freedoms should be punished; as the Ministry of Interior and its agencies are not above the law. Complaints and reports should also be investigated not shelved.”

ANHRI added: “Delays in the conduct of investigations or not carrying them out gives criminals a chance to go unpunished. It also gives them the green light to continue committing crimes against the law and the constitution. Is this the justice that the Public Prosecutor has vowed to respect? ”